How to Make Homemade Bath Soap


Taking a bath can be very relaxing. There are soaps that can be used to wash up and will help relieve tension from the body. There are homemade bath soap recipes that can be made at home and used in a nice bath.
To make a homemade bath soap the following ingredients are going to be needed:
300g of olive oil
100g of sweet almond oil
65g of coconut oil
60g or palm oil
40g of beeswax
65g of lye
8 ounces of mineral water
2 tsp of tangerine essential oil
1 tsp of orange essential oil
1 tsp of lavender essential oil

In a pan melt the beeswax and the olive, almond, coconut, and palm oils. Put the water into a plastic jug. Add the lye. Allow both of these mixtures to cool down to 131 degrees. Whisk the oils into the lye mixture. Stir until the mixture thickens. Add all of the essential oils. Put this mixture into well greased soap molds. Allow the soap to rest for 24 hours before removing it from the mild. It can then be used in the bath.